About The Book

Kanshi Ram holding Baby Surinder Kumar

Whatever it was, I intuitively knew that my father was a special man. He had navigated our family through extremely tough times.Our family had lost everything during the Partition of India when we migrated in 1947 to India from the area which is now a part of Pakistan. One person  stood out as the model of all values I admired– my father, Kanshi Ram Arora. In our time of despair, when we had little to live on, or look forward to, my father would share his empowering beliefs. One of his most inspiring belief as “We have lost material things, but we have not lost the most valuable asset…our spirit. Everything we need to  create a great future is within us.” 

Everything You Need Is Within You is Surinder Kumar’s powerful tribute to his father, Kanshi Ram Arora. Kanshi was a mentor not only to Surinder, but to everyone in the small village in India where he was born. When India gained independence from the British, the country was split in two. The chaos that resulted would claim the lives of an estimated million people. It was Kanshi Ram Arora, his guidance, and empowering set of beliefs  served as the boon that helped the villagers see their way through the darkest era any of them had ever seen.